Is Your Child an Athlete? Consider a Sports Physical

Is Your Child an Athlete? Consider a Sports Physical

Children can derive many benefits from participating in sports, including increased bone and muscle strength, improved weight status, and a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, sports can improve cognitive performance, reduce dress, and increase self-esteem. 

So if your child wants to play sports, that’s likely a great thing. But, before your child takes to the field, you should get them a sports physical. A sports physical, also called a preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE), can help make sure your child is ready to participate in their chosen sport.

In this blog, the providers at Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma in Claremore, Oklahoma, explain more about the importance of getting a sports physical.

What happens during a sports physical?

During a sports physical, our experts check your child’s blood pressure and examine their neck, head, ears, throat, lungs, and heart. In addition, our experts test your child’s reflexes and joint health.

Our experts may also ask about any chronic diseases that may run in the family or recommend further testing if any part of the exam raises an issue. In short, our providers do their best to make sure your child is ready to play their chosen sport.

What are the benefits of a sports physical?

Our providers cover any areas that may affect your child’s health and performance. For example, if we detect an undiagnosed heart problem, this could prevent your child from suffering a heart issue.

Or, if your child is a female, we may discuss how their sport could impact their menstrual cycle, especially if their sport requires a lot of endurance. Our experts can help your child understand their cycle and guide them on consuming enough calories and nutrients to ensure they menstruate even when they’re burning a lot of calories. 

And, if your child suffers from a chronic condition, such as asthma, our providers can give them guidance on how to stay healthy while they play their sport. Or, if your child suffered an injury in the past, our providers can recommend special exercises or other therapies to help them stay injury-free.

These are just some of the many benefits of a sports physical. And, no matter what sport your child wants to play, our providers can make sure they’re ready.

When do I schedule my child’s sports physical?

Ideally, you should schedule a sports physical at least a few weeks before the beginning of the school year. This can give our providers time to examine your child and provide any necessary treatment before they hit the field.

Before the appointment, make sure you have a list of the medications or supplements your child may take as well as a list of any conditions your child may have. Ideally, your child should have a sports physical before the start of every school year to ensure they’re ready to play.

To get your child ready for their sport, call 918-283-4660 or book an appointment online with Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma today.

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