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Newborn Care Specialist

Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma

Pediatrics located in Claremore, OK

Having a newborn is both exciting and exhausting. To support you and your baby’s health needs, Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma in Claremore, Oklahoma, provides comprehensive newborn care. The specialists can schedule an appointment for your newborn within 24-48 hours after you both come home from the hospital. Call the office to request appointment online today.

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care is one of the health and wellness services available at Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma. The experienced providers specialize in pediatric care, offering comprehensive health evaluations for all ages, including newborn babies.

The specialists at Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma take great pride in the care they provide to patients and families. They understand the many emotions you feel when bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital and aim to support you and your baby’s health and wellness needs. 

When should I start newborn care?

Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma recommends newborn babies start their well-child visits within 24-48 hours after leaving the hospital. 

Newborn babies require a lot of care and attention. Early and regular newborn care ensures you and your baby stay healthy and well. Newborns grow and develop quickly during the first 12-36 months of life.

Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma monitors your baby’s growth and development to make sure they’re meeting their milestones and growing as expected. They also perform developmental screenings to identify delays early so they can get the help they need, improving your baby’s chances of catching up with their peers. 

What happens during newborn care?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation during your first newborn care visit at Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma. Your provider checks your baby’s weight, length, and head circumference and performs a physical exam.

They also ask questions about the frequency of your baby’s eating, how many wet and dirty diapers they have, and their sleeping habits.

After the evaluation, your provider talks to you about what you can expect over the next few weeks until your next newborn care wellness visit. Your provider may talk to you about:

  • Bathing your infant
  • Swaddling
  • Car seat safety
  • Importance of handwashing
  • Your baby’s home environment 

They also answer all of your questions and concerns, including when you should contact the office or bring your baby in for a sick visit. 

Your provider may also talk to you about the vaccines your baby needs during their first year of life to protect them from common contagious diseases.

Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma schedules your next newborn care wellness visit at your baby’s one-month birthday. 

For comprehensive and accessible newborn care from experienced providers, call Pediatric Practitioners of Oklahoma, today.